Can you move ILMarge postbuild task in VisualizerControl to DebuggerVisualizer project


Hi Justin,
I have merged the two projects: "VisualizerControl" and "VisualizerForm" into one project "Visualizer" and removed the postbuild task.
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Also, I'm not sure there is much point in separating the control and the form into different assemblies. Separating the classes that need Visual Studio references from the ones that don't have merit because it allows people to reuse the controls without visual studio.
You have a great project here Lars, I can't wait to release the next version of MQManager.NET with Visualizer support. Hopefully it will be done soon.
Justin Dearing
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larshove wrote Dec 11, 2008 at 8:58 AM

Hi Justin

I have made the ILMerge post build task in the VisualizerControl project because I would like to include the SharpDevelop TextEditor user control in "one package".

If I did not do that then prior to using VisualizerControl.dll you'll have to download and compile the whole SharpDevelop source code and add the TextEditor user control manually before adding VisualizerControl.dll.

Neither of the projects VisualizerForm or VisualizerControl needs Visual Studio references and can be reused without Visual Studio.

The reason why I have separated VisualizerControl and VisualizerForm is that VisualizerControl is a "standalone" user control that is included in VisualizerForm. VisualizerForm is hosting VisualizerControl and is used to display a dialog with the VisualizerControl included. VisualizerForm is used by both the DebugVisualizer project and the StandAloneVisualizer project.

I am also looking very much forward to see your implementation of Xml Visualizer in MQMManager.NET :)

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